When Will Payday 3 Be Released? Game Producer Starbreeze Arrives on the Verge of Bankruptcy


Payday 3, the latest version of Payday, one of the popular games on Steam, has been awaited for a long time. So why is Payday 3 late? After learning what happened to Starbreeze, the developer of the game, you will be quite surprised and understand why the game was delayed. Here is the step-by-step collapse story of Starbreeze.

It is just as easy for game developer and publisher companies to rise and go bankrupt in the same way. Intensive labor and high amounts of money are required for the development process of a game. If you make a successful game at the end of this much spending, you will earn big gains, but if the game is not as desired, you will have no other choice but to go bankrupt. What happened to Starbreeze is a similar situation.

Starbreeze game developer company, which has been in the game industry for many years, won the hearts of gamers with games such as Payday and still makes us ask when Payday 3 will be released, has come to the point of bankruptcy due to a few small but wrong steps taken by the managers. When you read the story of the company, you will understand why Payday 3 did not come out and maybe you will lose your hope from the game.

Payday 3 foundations are laid:

When Will Payday 3 Be Released? Game Producer Starbreeze Arrives on the Verge of Bankruptcy

Founded in 1997 by three Swedish brothers Grin, Bo and Ulf Andersson, Starbreeze caught the flash with the game Bionic Commando, developed for the company Capcom in 2009. However, as a result of the troubles between the brothers, Grin Andersson made a wrong deal and plunged himself into bankruptcy.

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Bo and Ulf Andersson did not give up and started the Overkill company. The company’s first game was Payday, which was released in 2011 and had a small but distinctive audience on Steam. Since no company would get rich with a single game, they were having financial problems.

Financial problems also caused the separation to start. While the company was making the Syndicate game for Electronic Arts, most of the team left the company to form MachineGames, known for the Wolfenstein game. While this was devastating, the company still had the developer team for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and they focused on it. Meanwhile, sister companies Overkill and Starbreeze merged in 2012. This was not difficult for Overkill, as Starbreeze was already in a very bad shape. The first fruit of the merger was given in August 2013 with Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

Payday 2 launches:

When Will Payday 3 Be Released? Game Producer Starbreeze Arrives on the Verge of Bankruptcy

Payday, the new version of the popular game Payday, was released on August 2, 2013. The game quickly became popular and caused the company’s stock to multiply quickly, but some problems had arisen for the company.

There were problems between Bo and Ulf, the founders of the company, and Bo was not satisfied while Ulf wanted to do small-scale business. Amid all these discussions, some profitable deals were being made, the company was liberating and gathering small, independent companies under its own roof.

In August 2014, Starbreeze signed a deal with Skybound Entertainment. According to the agreement, The Walking Dead would be released in 2016. According to Bo Andersson, this game would have an infinite universe and sell tens of millions of copies.

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Meanwhile, Starbreeze was signing important game deals with Behavior such as Dead by Daylight, Lion Game Lion and Raid: World War 2. However, the game Raid: World War 2 ended in a complete fiasco. This deal was never supported by the team, as it was already considered a Payday 2 competitor.

New investments:

When Will Payday 3 Be Released? Game Producer Starbreeze Arrives on the Verge of Bankruptcy

Starbreeze bought the Valhalla game engine worth £ 6 million in 2015. It is extremely important for a game developer company to buy a game engine and develop its own games in its own way. However, Valhalla had to be developed seriously.

Meanwhile, Andersson was purchasing new companies on behalf of Starbreeze, investing $ 9 million from Acer to develop virtual reality headsets, signing an agreement with Imax, and working on building a VR park. Within these plans, Starbreeze even made a VR John Wick game.

Everything seemed to be going well, but that wasn’t the case at all. Valhalla was a wasteland. No matter what they did, it was not possible to release The Walking Dead game, which will be released in 2016, with Valhalla, so they made an important decision and postponed the game’s release date to 2017.

A meeting was held in early 2017, and it was announced that The Walking Dead will be released not on Valhalla, but on Unreal, the game engine of Electronic Arts. This meant that all the labor and money spent in two years would go to waste, and the Walking Dead had to be made Unreal compatible in a very short time.

Starbreeze executives thought employees would quickly make The Walking Dead Unreal compatible, but the situation was not going as planned at all. The employees had almost no information about the Unreal game engine. For this reason, things were getting slower and working hours were getting longer, turning into working days without a break.

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The months passed quickly and the year was 2018. In this process, the managers of the development team demanded unreasonable requests from the employees, the employees had to sleep in the office, and these rights were converted into money because they could not take leave. Starbreeze invested everything in this game and no possibility was considered except that the game would be successful.

Payday 3 release date will be clear in 2022 – 2023:

When Will Payday 3 Be Released? Game Producer Starbreeze Arrives on the Verge of Bankruptcy

Starbreeze is not bankrupt at the moment, and it has been known to guarantee salaries to its employees. However, after all these scandals, it is not known how employees will get the will to produce the necessary for Payday 3. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to the question of when Payday 3 will be released. However, according to the game sites that can be considered local and have no claims, the date will become clear in 2022 – 2023.

Employees say the company has come to this situation because of bad management. Maybe if the decisions were made without such frivolous dreams, we would be telling the story of Payday 3, not the bankruptcy story of the Starbreeze company today.

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