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What is Steam Guard and how is it used?


Steam Guard is a very useful feature that people prefer in order to make Steam accounts safer.

With this feature, in addition to the Steam user name and password, there is also a security level and two-factor authentication is used. Since this feature is active, you also need a validation code when you want to log in to Steam.

Thanks to Steam Guard, account security is more ensured, but at each stage of login to the account, additional information is required. This is often irritating, but very functional in terms of safety.

With this feature, codes that will only be sent to the account owner and that will be created by Steam increase security.

How do I use Steam Guard?

Steam Guard can be activated via Steam. To do this, account holders must:

  • Sign in to the Steam app
  • Select Steam from the menu at the top of the page
  • Enter Settings
  • Steam Guard Account Security Management Option Preferred

In these operations, a page called “Steam Guard Management” appears in front of the persons.

This page contains e-mail and mobile options. With the selection of any of these parameters and the introduction of the necessary information, the function is activated and can be used immediately.

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