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Volition ‘Saints Row 5’ may soon be released

Volition ‘Saints Row 5’ may soon be released

The Saints Row series, which sold about 13 million copies, is back on the agenda with its fifth game. According to THQ Nordic’s first quarter financial report for the year 2019, producer studio Volition works continuously for the game.

THQ Nordic’s 2019 first quarter financial report is published. Perhaps the most remarkable part of the report, which includes a lot of information, is the part of a game that is planned to be the continuation of the fourth game of the Saints Row series, where we had the chance to play in 2013. According to the report, a new Saints Row game is in the process of development and producer studio Volition is iyice immersed in it ”.

In the report, where no details of the name or date are shared about the game, it will not be wrong to say that the game might be coming soon, given the fact that Volition is spending a lot of work for the project in question. When the last 6 years of the last game are added, we can see the new production coming soon.

The series, which sold about 13 million copies in total, is also predicted to be a sequel to the future and the game will be called Saints Row V.

As it is remembered, the open world game Agents of Mayhem, which Volition launched in 2017, where we play a superhero, is an intriguing game, with its own sense of humor in the studio, but was not generally appreciated. We will keep you informed as the game progresses.


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