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Vitality Became the Champion of the CS_Summit 4 Tournament!


Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament “cs_summit” was held in the United States for the fourth time this year. French Vitality and American Team Liquid team rose to the final. At the end of a 3-game series, the Vitality team rival Liquid 2-0 (Nuke: 16-9, Overpass: 16-13) defeated and was the champion of the cs_summit 4 tournament. The 18th-year old player of the MVP player Vitality was Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbaut.

In the semi-final stage; Team Liquid matches with the NRG team. As a result of the match, Team Liquid, 2-0 (Mirage: 16-8, Overpass: 16-8) NRG team defeated the team reached the final. Vitality encountered in the semi-finals of the Finnish team ENCE in the match 3-0 on the map of Inferno in the 15-15 match and won the match 3-0. With 1 win, he reached the final.

Cs_Summit 4 Team Ranking and Prize Pool Distribution

  • Vitality – 64,500$
  • Liquid – 36,500$
  • ENCE – 20,000$
  • NRG – 21,500$
  • Ghost – 4,500$
  • Renegades – 3,000$ 

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