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Valorant May Come To Smartphones Earlier Than Expected


It was said that Valorant, Riot Games’ flagship tactical FPS game, will come to game consoles. According to data miners, we can see the game on phones before consoles.

Riot Games aims to prove that it is not a one-game company after reaching great popularity with League of Legends. The company’s new flagship FPS tactical game Valorant is also the most important indicator of this situation.

It was stated that this game, which can only be played on a computer for now, will be available on consoles in the near future. According to data miners who have examined the latest update to the game, Valorant will soon be on mobile devices.

Can Valorant be played on the phone?

Valorant May Come To Smartphones Earlier Than Expected

Valorant, one of the most popular productions especially in the field of E-Sports since its launch earlier this year, has managed to attract great attention. There is remarkable information in the last update to the game, which is currently only released for PC.

Data miners, who examined the files in the new update, found traces of devices such as iPhone X and XS under the “Device Profile” title. This was accepted as an indication that Riot has started testing systems such as iOS for Valorant.

Data miners at Valorant Express stated that they found these source codes in 1.09 patch. According to the miners, Riot has made some adjustments to provide iOS support to the game with this update.

Valorant can go to iOS first

Valorant will most likely be on iOS systems before Android devices. Because of the low number of devices with iOS operating system and their standard configuration, it is easier to develop applications for iOS at the first stage.

Fortnite and PUBG Mobile were recently removed from the Apple App Store. Consequently, the players of these games were also looking for a new alternative. Valorant will take advantage of this deficiency and benefit from the opportunity to reach a very large and ready-made player base.

What do you think about Valorant? Did you play the game? Do you think to give Valorant a chance in case of mobile? We welcome your thoughts in the comments.

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