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Ubisoft has listed some of its games as AAAA!

Ubisoft has listed some of its games as AAAA!

The term AAA is used for large budget buildings of the game world. When describing how budget and big the game is, the price policy is determined as a whole in proportion. Some new Ubisoft games were listed as AAAA. So we can assume that we will face larger productions. Games with a new rating Ubisoft…

Ubisoft is working on AAAA type games!

This was made possible due to the fact that some Ubisoft employees shared LinkedIn in their account. “Beyond Good and Evil 2”, “Skull & Bones” and “AAAA”.

What will be different from AAA games? Currently unknown. We have no information about the two games that Ubisoft announced earlier. But judging by Beyond’s video “Good & Evil 2,” it will be a grand job. However, it is not yet known what AAA will offer, as well as other games such as Red Dead Redemption 2.

Why do you think about the new game of Ubisoft in AAA? You can share your plaster with our comments.

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