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Twitch blocked Neymar account here are the curious details

Twitch blocked Neymar account here are the curious details

Twitch, one of the most preferred streaming platforms of recent times, decided to block the Neymar account. Here are all the curious details about the subject.

Twitch, a streaming platform developed for gamers, has banned their Neymar account. This situation was unexpected by anyone and caused a great surprise. He was among the best known footballers after players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Another passion of Neymar was streaming games on Twitch. Many people closely followed the games he played. Now, unfortunately, there is no account left to follow these games.

Twitch hasn’t made a statement yet

When you log into Neymar’s Twitch account, one of the best football players in the world, you encounter a text. Here is the phrase “if you don’t have a time machine, this content is no longer available”, and this means blocking.

Neymar and Twitch did not make a statement regarding the subject. No one knows exactly why such a block is being made. Whether the obstacle is permanent or temporary is a big mystery.

Twitch, a popular gaming platform, often blocks when unlicensed music is used. In this case, Neymar probably used a song without a license. For the platform, this is usually reason enough.

Recently, Twitch phenomena have started to get obstacles about licensing of music. This situation is also included in the broadcasting rights section of the company. However, it is not clear yet why he was blocked. Why do you think Neymar was banned? You can share your predictions with us in the comments section.

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