Top 15 Games with the Best Stories!


We live in the days when game scripts are ahead of movie scripts. Consequently, the games with the best scenarios of the market are of great importance.

The game industry continues to expand, getting better every year. The gaming industry, which gains a higher market share with each passing day, produced scenarios that would set stones for the movies in this process. Today we are going to list you the “15 Best Story Games” that have survived. This list is not based on any scoring. It can normally be called a semi-subjective list. I can say that this list, which is determined according to people who have experienced the games, is a great list for the players who prioritize the story in the game. Without further ado, I want to be on our list.

15) Far Cry Series

We can say Far Cry is a whole in series. I can say that Far Cry, which has many games released over the years, has built its own fan base in this process. Crytek developed the first open world game with tropical features, and Ubisoft published it. As you can see, the Far Cry series comes from the German company Crytek, the owner of which is 3 Turkish. Today, I can recommend Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4 and the latest Far Cry Primal in terms of playability. Crytek has not developed Far Cry after the first game.

14) Limbo

Limbo is an extremely humble game. In the year it was launched in 2010, it made a very solid introduction to the agenda. In the game, he portrays an unnamed boy who wakes up in the middle of the forest. In the game where we experience the child’s journey to the unknown, we see the struggle of a single child in a universe full of traps near Hell. Let me state that the game is a +18 game. I suggest young people wait for their age to get a little older.

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13) Inside

It was one of the games that made everyone happy with its story in Inside, which was released exactly 6 years later, in 2016, by the developer named PlayDead, who developed Limbo. As in Limbo, we are taking control of a little boy in this game. The game, which we do not know anything about the child and the people after the child, offers us an incredible universe.

12) Spec Ops: The Line

The most important feature of the game is that it conveys the war in the most realistic way. Maybe it doesn’t have very solid graphics, but it was one of the games that could express itself best among the FPS games. A very solid story awaits you in a world where Dubai is turning into a desert.

11) Red Dead Redemption

Set in the wild west of 1911, the game managed to be different with its style. Especially the fact that there are not many games similar to the genre, the fact that there is a company like Rockstar Games behind the game are the elements that bring the game one step forward. The game, which has plenty of intrigues and wild west conflicts, is one of the games that is solid in terms of story.

10) Max Payne Series

We can say that many people know about Max Payne. Max Payne, which is memorized especially with his first game, takes you very quickly with his entry story. Even if we don’t want to give spoilers, Max Payne is a revenge game.

9) Skyrim

Skyrim is one of the most open of open world games. Although the game has the main story, the side stories are also very well processed, so the players have not left their heads despite the years. It is true that even a single word offers a desire to quit the game and lead the sword to war. FUS RO DAH!

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8) To the Moon

The point to note in this game is that if you do not want to cry, you do not prefer the game. Those who expect great graphics can also skip this game. However, this game is a great choice if you do not care about graphics in the game and just want to focus on the story.

7) BioShock Series

The most important feature of Bioshock is that it has created a magnificent world. In the BioShock series, which has an incredible world in its own right, the game takes place in an underwater world on the roads of the 1960s. The utopia named Rapture is a city that acts independently of the government.

6) Assassin’s Creed Ezio Trilogy

This is the main hero that made Assassin’s Creed so famous. Starting with Assassin’s Creed 2 and ending with Brotherhood and Revelations, the Ezio series describes the stage from the birth of our hero Ezio to his death. The series, which shows us the Renaissance Europe, has managed to become one of the legends of the gaming industry, especially with the Brotherhood.

5) God of War Series

It is a great game intertwined with mythology for players who love Greek mythology. It has managed to be the favorite game of many players in terms of story. The protagonist of the game is Kratos, the hero of the Spartan army. I can say that the game of Kratos’s struggle against the gods is never misleading.

4) Beyond: Two Souls

The character Jodie, played by Hollywood’s famous actor Ellen Page, is about the investigation of what happened after death. We watch Jodie Holmes between the ages of 8 and 23, searching for the true meaning of Aiden, with whom he has been together for 15 years in total. Aiden is a supernatural being that has been with Jodie since she was young. While the game’s being exclusive to PlayStation 4 hurts many players, we watched Sony show once again how successful it has done in the game. But speaking of Beyond: Two Souls, we shouldn’t forget Heavy Rain.

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3) Mafia 1 and Mafia 2

3 Mafia 1 and Mafia 2
Top 15 Games with the Best Stories!

For us, the Mafia series is no more than two games. Both games, especially Mafia 1, have a very solid story setup. The games that told the mafia times very well were able to pull us directly into the game with their story depth.

2) Last of Us

2 Last of Us
Top 15 Games with the Best Stories!

I don’t need to say much about Last of Us. The game, which is generally appreciated by everyone, is normally at the top of this list. Last of Us, which reveals the world after the virus epidemic, is one of the games that make parental connections feel the best.

1) The Witcher Trilogy

Top 15 Games with the Best Stories
Top 15 Games with the Best Stories!

I was always sure that the Witcher will be in the top 3, even if I don’t know if he is in the first place in the story. The feature that makes The Witcher stand out is that they always do better in all three of the three games released. Apart from its wonderfully written story, the presence of side stories such as the main story in Witcher 3 is among the attractive contents. The graphics of the game are amazing, so you can ride a horse looking at the scenery and do many more. It is a game that raises expectations in terms of story and general game.

Last but not least, legends such as Life is Strange, Grim Fandango, Mass Effect, Metal Gear Solid, Dark Souls, Bloodborn and Slient Hill should not be forgotten. Well, are there any games or games that you play and love the story? You can share your opinions in the comments section (:

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