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Tom and Jerry Game Reaches 100 Million Registered Players


The legendary cartoon Tom and Jerry, which has been followed with interest from every segment since its first release in 1940, was released as a game last year by the China-based company NetEase. The game has now managed to reach over 100 million users in China. It is a question of whether the game will reach other countries.

We don’t know about Tom and Jerry. The legendary cartoon, created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and produced by Warner Bros, was one of the productions that marked our childhood and was enjoyed by everyone. The production, which has been re-released as a mobile game in China a while ago and has become very successful in a short time, seems to have proven to continue its existence.

Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst from the company Niko Partners, who is closely known by the game world, announced that the video game developed by the Chinese video game developer NetEase, was released by May 100 million people.

The game, in which the original characters are presented in the form of 2D animation, has quite colorful graphics. In addition, it contains very impressive character animations and looks surprisingly animated. With the help of the currency used in the game, players can buy various costumes for Tom and Jerry and choose the younger versions of the characters. Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad also states that the game is regularly updated with new modes and events, and this is probably a major reason for its success.

Currently only available in China

Let’s add that the successful game is unfortunately only available in China at this time and is available in simplified Chinese. A future western version does not appear to be among the possible plans. In fact, this may be a huge deficit because the cartoon undoubtedly has fans of all ages, and the number of these fans is not to be underestimated. In the coming days, we will wait and see what the game developer will do about this topic.


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