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This time Enchanted Worlds free


Syntaxity developer, who made a free game every month, now has Enchanted Worlds for free. Enchanted Worlds has the same puzzle mechanics.

This time Enchanted Worlds free

Syntaxity, which we know with hidden object finder games, traditionally makes one free game every month. This month, Enchanted Worlds or Magical Worlds is available for free for a short time.

What does Enchanted Worlds offer?

Enchanted Worlds continues on the same concept and visual atmosphere. You need to reach the fourth by finding three magical books Uncle Henry discovered in his house. Then you have to go after the lost treasures in the book.

Dozens of puzzles, clues and objects in the game, including music specially composed. With the help of a dynamic map you can see your progress. Tips can be accessed through in-game purchases. The iOS version of Enchanted Worlds is paid.

Enchanted Worlds


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