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The United States began work for Tencent by analogy with TikTok

The United States began work for Tencent by analogy with TikTok

While the steps were TikTok taken by the United States, the news came to the developer of the game Tencent. US President Trump began work under the leadership of a company that developed many games and offered them to many countries of the world. It was also stated that he was being checked for safety.

Transfer started to define security standards. This requires security information from the leading gaming companies Epic Games and Riot Games.

USA starts working for Tencent too

According to Bloomberg, the Trump administration will begin sanctions against another Chinese company Tencent. TikTok was sanctioned for security reasons. Now, the US Foreign Investment Committee has requested a report on security standards for industry-leading Epic Games and Riot Games.

According to reports prepared by people working on the topic, the United States will begin research for Tencent. And based on the results of these examinations, it will be checked whether the company carries the necessary safety standards.

It is noted that the committee will work separately from the gaming world. Therefore, TikTok can exert strong pressure on Tencent. These publications indicate that TikTok was sold for operations in the United States.

On the other hand, Tensent is known for his investments. The company transferred developers from Epic Games and Riot Games to its own company. Tencent PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile и Arena of Valor. Only the number of users of PUBG Mobile brought the company a high profit.

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