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The road to GTA 6: Icon with a single inspiration

The road to GTA 6: Icon with a single inspiration

One of the most important games of Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto has not taken a new step for the last game expected for years. Even though GTA first appeared on PlayStation in 1997, the husband was well-liked in 21 years. What about GTA 6 now? While we’re being asked questions, we’re going to take you back a little bit. How did the Grand Theft Auto story begin?

Journey from Lemmings to GTA

The creator of both the 90s popular game Lemmings and GTA, Mike Dailly underlines that the two games will not be independent of each other. In fact, although there is not much resemblance, we can say that in principle, the two games are interdependent. Dailly pointed out that the GTA’s foundation is the image above of Lemmings.

Technically, this image is used in Lemmings, the isometric rendering engine. Over time, however, it became a top-down perspective engine used for Grand Theft Auto. This logic, which has been used since 1994, contains many different aspects today.

What about GTA 6?

We don’t know if the creator thought GTA would hold that much, but the last game in the series, GTA 5, is a game from 2013, but it is still popular. Even game lovers have been waiting for the last game of the series for years. While the curious wait for GTA 6 continues, new information is constantly being revealed about the game. Vice City and Liberty City will be reintroduced with the new game. Of course, that’s just a guess. In addition, the game is said to reflect the story of the 70s, 80s.

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