The release date of the life simulation game My Time at Portia for mobile devices announced

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The release date of My Time at Portia, a life simulation game released on PC in 2019 and given for free in Epic Games at the end of last year, has been announced.

The release date for mobile devices of My Time at Portia, a life simulation game released by Team17 and developed by Pathea Games and Pixmain, has been announced.

The mobile version of My Time at Portia will debut on August 4, according to the statement. If you pre-register for the game right now, you will also have many advantages. The mobile version of My Time at Portia, which has previously been released for PC, will come with a new user interface specifically designed for mobile and a variety of innovations that will make your job easier on mobile devices.

You can find the game’s promo and announcement trailer below.

Start a new life in the charming town of Portia! Restore Pa’s overlooked workshop by performing commissions, growing crops, raising animals, and befriending the playful inhabitants of this fascinating post-apocalyptic region! With PA’s old handbook and workbench, you must collect, source, and produce to become the best workshop in Portia. Help the villagers rebuild the town and uncover the secrets deep inside it. But get ready… This isn’t going to be easy! The town of Portia is full of friendly new faces you’ll meet. Make friends, complete requests, exchange gifts, date someone, and flower romance! Inspired by the magic of Studio Ghibli, My Time at Portia takes you into a world of wonders full of beauty you will never forget. How are you going to spend your time in Portia?

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Main Features:

  • BUILD YOUR WORKSHOP: Make PA’s abandoned workshop the best in Portia! Collect resources and strengthen ties with the local community by making daily commissions and productions while completing peasant requests.
  • OPERATE YOUR FARM: Grow and take care of your products, raise animals and turn the empty woodland surrounding your workshop into an interesting and small farm! My Time at Portia adds an innovative approach to your farming and allows you to take advantage of features such as planter box and semi-automatic irrigation systems. You can take your horse or lla beath for a ride around town!
  • BE CREATIVE: Turn your building into a home! Add your personal touch with exciting furniture, decorations, and workshop upgrades that can be produced! Not only will it look great, but each track will add statistical support to its character!
  • JOIN THE COMMUNITY: Be part of Portia’s extraordinary community! Each is full of unforgettable faces with energetic characters, daily routines, and exciting stories to tell. They go to work, have dinner in restaurants, exercise, and interact with each other in many interesting ways; Take the time to meet them all! Who knows, maybe there’s a smell of love in the air?
  • EXPLORE AND FIGHT: Dive deep into Portia’s ancient ruins and dungeons. Take your pickaxe and relic scanner and look for sources and treasures from the past. Make sure you’re armed with a gun; There are hordes of terrifying monsters and deadly ringleaders who will try to stop you from unearthing this precious loot!
  • UPGRADE YOUR SKILLS: Upgrade your character’s level with a variety of abilities to help you with your adventures. Decide whether to increase your production, combat, or social abilities depending on the gameplay.
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