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The popular mod returns for PUBG Mobile

The popular mod returns for PUBG Mobile

After the banning of PUBG Mobile, it was announced that an old popular mode will come to the game. The Zombie mode, also called the infection mode, was introduced to gamers last year with the 0.14.0 update. This game mode, which has been available for a short time, is returning as part of Halloween. PUBG Mobile gets its popular mode, infection mode.

PUBG Mobile beloved mode: Infection mode is coming

As Halloween approaches, we see that this theme prevails in games. Gamers get into an exciting atmosphere with the weapons, special items and outfits added to the games. In the game mode, 12 players are divided into two separate teams. Divided as non-infected and zombies, these two teams fight to win.

Basically, the PUBG Mobile mode, which is quite similar to the zombie mode in CS, will be no stranger to those who are familiar with it. Trying to infect those who are not infected, the zombie team is trying to be the winner in the map dominated by orange and pumpkin. As the game progresses, three players are randomly infected or turn into zombies and the game is circulating.

Uninfected players have to survive for three minutes while killing players who are zombies. When all healthy players become zombies, the game starts all over again. Three players become random zombies within 25 seconds, although all players start off as uninfected when a round is over. The fun of the game actually emerges here. The number of rounds encountered by players in a match is 3 in total. After the match is over, the players are positioned according to their performance and receive their rewards.

The game has a new game mode.

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