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The Medium gameplay footage released

The Medium gameplay footage released

The gameplay footage of The Medium, which has been specially developed by the Bloober Team for the Xbox Series X and S, has been released. The Medium is a psychological horror game. The parallel worlds concept offered by the game is expected to bring SSD performance to the foreground of the Xbox Series X and S. There are two different worlds in the game. One of them represents the present time and the other represents the spirit world.

The Medium 14-minute gameplay footage

While The Medium is exclusive for Xbox Series X, it will also come to Windows PCs. A third of the actions in the game happen in the real world, one third in the spirit world, and the rest happen simultaneously. We can also see the actions taking place simultaneously in the published images.

In the footage, our main character, Marianne, comes face-to-face with the game’s archenemy, The Maw. The Maw, like Marianne, is able to move in and out of the spirit world. While in the spirit world, Maw appears to our main character Marianne and can easily locate her. In the real world, Maw is both invisible and blind. So Maw needs hearing to find Marianne’s place.

The Medium, Xbox Series X | It will be available on Steam, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store on S and Windows PC on January 28th.

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