The full version update of the new PES game eFootball 2022 has been released: Here’s what’s new


The 1.0.0 update of eFootball 2022, which was released in September but received intense criticism from players due to its mistakes, was finally released.

eFootball, or rather eFootball 2022, the new game of the popular game series PES, published and developed by Konami Digital Entertainment, was released in September of last year. However, the game was not released in the full version. A full version update was also released in the past hours.

eFootball 2022’s V1.0.0 update is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows and Steam. You can find the innovations and bug fixes that came with this update in detail below. You can also find the latest trailer shared below.

Brand New Gameplay

Player and Ball Behaviors

The player and ball behaviors that are the backbone of football have been rebuilt from the ground up in this release. Ball curves have been improved with the help of research institutes in Japan. The movements of the ball on the field were carefully analyzed and the factors affecting them were determined. Based on the results of this research, the movement curves of the ball have been recorded to be more realistic in this release. From spin shots and crosses to spinning balls and the ball bounces on blocked shots, users can now experience realistic ball movements in many different scenarios. Added elements to the game, such as natural player and ball movements that take into account spin, bounce, and friction, help create the “moments of tension” so often experienced in modern football. Dripping from the side of the opponents or crossing the last line of defense with passing games are some of the elements that reflect the enthusiasm that football fans desire.

Tactical Team Challenges

In addition to individual player reactions, it is now possible to engage in tactical combat with opponents with the team play that is common in today’s football. The foundations of these elements have been restructured so that “familiar” scenarios in football can now be experienced in the game. All these changes made it possible to create a game of football at any given moment in the game, just as in real-life football, where the decisions made can be the deciding factor between winning and losing.

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“Stunning Kick”

Say hello to one of the most groundbreaking mechanisms included in this release. All types of passes, including low passes, high passes, and crosses, are now possible to execute sharply using “Lip-Smacking Kicks”. These are not just “quick passes”. On the contrary, very important weapons will determine the difference between victory and defeat in many matches.

Types of Astounding Rust

  • Shocking Low Pass: A quick pass at the feet of the teammate to whom the ball was sent. On a longer distance pass, the ball usually floats in the air.
  • Astonishing High Pass: A faster pass that goes lower than a regular high pass.
  • Astonishing Breakthrough Pass: A faster version of the Normal Breakthrough Pass, which usually ends closer to the feet of the player receiving the ball.
  • Astonishing High Breakthrough: Faster than the Regular High Breakthrough and has a slightly lower pitch. In addition, the ball ends up closer to the feet of the player receiving the ball than normal.
  • Astonishing Cross: A faster middle that is thrown a little lower. It also has a stronger spin.
  • Astonishing Low to Medium: Faster and harder than Normal Low to Medium. Also, the ball usually bounces right in front of the player receiving the ball.

Astonishing Shots

  • They are faster and more precise than normal shots.
  • With this update, players can now use Amazing Shots in different types of shots based on their skills.
  • All Shocking Shots have an element of risk/reward in direct proportion to the player’s preparation to shoot; therefore, it requires strategic thinking both to create space for the shot and to find the most suitable teammate.

Pass and Run (Cross Over)

The new ‘Cross Over’ enables combinations through ‘diagonal moves’ so often seen in football. New attack models have been developed in the middle of the field and on the flanks.

Changes to Defense Tactics and Command Settings

In this update, the default button settings have been changed to make the defense more intuitive, and player movements have been improved to make defense games more satisfying. In addition, team defense elements have been added to the game.

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  • This is a command that allows users to proactively regain the ball.
  • Players can move towards the ball and as soon as they reach the ball, they can interfere with it standing up and try to steal it.

Close Follow-up

  • Against tough ball drivers, players can take advantage of this defensive feature to carefully follow and control the opponent instead of proactively trying to regain the ball.
  • By driving the opponent sideways while keeping his body facing the defender, the player can gain time and wait for an opportune moment to take possession of the ball.

Request Press

  • The “Request Press” in this update is a command that the entire team will work together to gain possession of the ball.
  • In addition to several players chasing the ball, other teammates also work together to recover the ball by blocking passing corridors and pushing the defensive line forward.

Creating a New Team “Dream Team”

Dream Team is a game mode that allows users to sign players and managers in the current “Season” using in-game items (for example, GPs to win from matches), create their original teams, and compete with users from all over the world.

  • In the “Dream Team” users select and sign players and managers that match their gameplay tactics.
  • They develop and strengthen players by training and leveling them to suit their playstyle.
  • By signing and developing contracts with players, they can find the most suitable Team Play Style for them and organize their “Dream Team” as they wish.
  • Play against the virtual intelligence in special events* and compete against other users’ “Dream Teams” from around the world to win valuable prizes

Limited-time “Seasons” will have specific themes and players will be able to take part in seasonal events using their Dream Teams.

  • The theme of each Season will be based on real and current issues in the world of football and will bring with it a wide variety of events for you to attend.
  • Players can participate in Challenge Events against other users or take part in Tour Events where they can compete against artificial intelligence.
  • Signing players and teaming up with the season’s theme can give users an edge at these events*
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These in-game events will start from April 21

eFootball™ League*

This is a cluster-based league where users play PvP matches to get to the top. Users can develop their Dream Teams by signing up with favorite players and managers and taking their place in the league to play against other users from around the world.

  • Each “Tier” will last for 28 days, during which time users will play repeatedly in order to rise to the highest Division possible.
  • If users reach the ‘Promotion’ threshold within 10 matches, they will be promoted to the higher division; On the other hand, users will be relegated if they don’t reach a sufficient threshold.
  • Once users reach the top Division (Division 1), they will struggle to move up in the rankings: Matches will no longer be for relegation but for the highest position in the rankings
  • At the end of a Stage, rewards will be awarded based on the highest Division reached. After that, the rankings will be reset and a new Stage will start.

Collect Players and Card Types

One of the key features of Dream Team is that users can get the services of specific players and managers. Users can sign Standard players and managers of their choice using the GP they have earned throughout the matches. The different Player Types are listed as follows:

  • Legendary – players who stand out for their great play in a particular season (This also includes retired players with excellent careers)
  • Trending – Players who stood out with their performance in certain matches or weeks this season
  • Featured: Specially selected players based on their performance in the current season
  • Standard: Players based on their performance in the current season
  • Standard (Foil): Users can get a chance to sign a Standard player with a higher-than-normal Team Play Proficiency

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