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The FIFA 21 gameplay video has been released! Here are the innovations

The FIFA 21 gameplay video has been released! Here are the innovations

EA Sports continues to give information about this year’s FIFA Series game. Recently, the company announced its withdrawal from FIFA 21, and now FIFA 21. In this video, the novelties of the game were presented.

In June, FIFA 21 announced exits, October 9. After this explanation, some details of the game continue to be shared. This year FIFA will come with novelties that will delight fans of the series. These are innovations that we see on the side of the mechanics of the game. These innovations, which make the game more realistic and playable, are also described in the published video.

Important innovations in the game are presented under some headlines. Video games FIFA 21; In addition, he proposed new features such as flexible dribbling, creative running, manual head kick. You can see these innovations and others in the next video.

Let’s see some features from 21 FIFA innovations. Flexible dribbling function; Compared to the previous game, it provides more realism, efficiency and simplicity in terms of lack of people. As for creative races, FIFA will provide more opportunities for lovers to find positions in the attack. A manual head kick may have been the long-awaited development of most players. Thanks to this feature, blows to the head can be clearer control by players. The video also presents innovations for the Volta mode.

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