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The date that EA Play will come to Xbox Game Pass has been announced!

The date that EA Play will come to Xbox Game Pass has been announced!

Microsoft will fulfill its EA Play promise for Xbox Game Pass on November 10. At the same time, on this date, new game consoles Xbox Series X and Series S, which have been spoken for months and already pre-ordered, are coming out.

Xbox Game Pass meets EA Play!

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to access EA Play simultaneously with Microsoft’s next generation console launch. EA Play, available only to “Ultimate” subscribers; The Sims will bring more than 60 EA games, including popular games such as FIFA and Mass Effect, to game lovers.

As you know, EA Play was only for EA’s games. Under the company’s agreement with Electronic Arts, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users will now be able to play EA Play’s games.

In addition, Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to download and play EA Play games on Windows 10 computers as of December. It will also be able to access the game collection on the PC side of the Xbox Game Pass.

In addition to offering EA Play support for the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft plans to launch Bethesda’s classic series to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on console and PC soon. The additions came after Microsoft acquired Bethesda Softworks parent company ZeniMax for $ 7.5 billion. In this context, Doom Eternal will be one of the first additions starting October 1. Apart from that, Microsoft has not yet announced the full list of Bethesda games that will be released for Game Pass.

If you subscribe to both EA Play and Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft will cancel your EA Play subscriptions. Also, if your subscription has more than 50 days to expire, Microsoft will round them up to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for the nearest three-to-three.

For example, if you already have 50 days to 3 months of EA Play subscription on your account, Microsoft will give you a 1-month Xbox GamePass Ultimate subscription. If you have 4 to 6 months of EA Play, a 2-month Game Pass Ultimate subscription will be added to your account. In this way, besides the ease of accessing the games of two different platforms from one place, the problem of paying separate fees will also be over.

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