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The court ruled: Fortnite is not returning to Apple!

The court ruled: Fortnite is not returning to Apple!

It seems that the conflict with Apple is over. The court decided to move to Fortnit App Stor. Samsung pleased players with the Fortnite version and joint gifts with the Galaxy Store. After Epic Games moved the Fortnite removal process to court, everything was officially decided. The court decided that Fortnit did not return to the App Store, but a decision was made on Unreal Engine.

Critical threshold for the Fortnite Apple controversy

Fortnite has been removed from the Play Store and App Store. Epic Games preferred restyling with Apple. The process, which attracted attention with mutual blows and answers, went to court.

The court issued an interim decision against Epic Games, prohibiting Apple from using developer tools. “Epic Games,” it seems, could not make a decision on the restoration of the game in Apple.

The court also banned Apple from deleting Apple developer accounts and updating the Unreal Engine in the App Store. Actually, it’s a precaution. On August 28, Apple deleted all Epic Games developer accounts.

This decision indicates that Apple developers currently do not stop accessing the Unreal Engine. Today’s decision is limited, but it seems that it was made only to protect the parties. This measure will determine whether Apple can act against Fortnite, Unreal Engine or other signed Epic products during testing.

Recall that Fortnite took part in an Apple dispute with Microsoft Unreal Engine. Microsoft CEO Kevin Gammill said the Unreal Engine game engine should not be blocked. It seems that Microsoft and other companies will not like the court decision.

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