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The claim about GTA 6 leaks has been disproved!

The claim about GTA 6 leaks has been disproved!

Many claims have been made about the new game of the GTA series, which has been awaited by game lovers for a long time. A Reddit user made statements refuting the allegations of GTA 6 leaks.

Claim about GTA 6 leaks debunked

Almost every year, images that many people describe as leaks are being introduced for GTA 6. Although many of them are far from the truth, some professionally prepared visual materials manage to attract the attention of the actors.

Approximately 7 years have passed since GTA 5 was launched. Although GTA 5 is an immersive game, Grand Thef Auto fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new game.

Some sources claimed that the GTA 6 map was partially leaked in 2018. The map, which came up again a few weeks ago, made some players review GTA 5 again to look for evidence.

The players were noticed that some of the postcards from the strip club were compatible with the leaked map. Reddit user henriquedematos posted a text explaining that the postcards in the game are ready-made images and do not contain any clues about the upcoming game.

“The square with the rock and the boat is sold on a stock photo site,” said Henriquedematos, who said he found the source of the photos. The wide tropical beach view is a visual prepared with 3D Studio Max. None of these were made by Rockstar, the company purchased ready-made images to speed up the process while the game was under construction. For this reason, the images claimed to be leaks do not have any value. ”Used expressions.

Unfortunately, it is not known whether Rockstar is actively working on the GTA 6 project. Rockstar, the developer of record-breaking games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, may not have made much progress in GTA 6.

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