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Take-Two and Codemasters agreed to sell! Here is the price

Take-Two and Codemasters agreed to sell! Here is the price

With the development of the game industry, some companies in this field have also grown considerably. The development of the sector has also increased the will of large companies to incorporate smaller companies. The increasing sales figures in recent years are an indication of this. Now, there are new news about the deal between Take-Two Interactive and Codemasters, which appeared yesterday. Take-Two Interactive and Codemasters have agreed on the sale.

The long-awaited Assassins made its official debut in Creed Valhalla.

Take-Two and Codemasters agree to sell

A rumor spread on Friday said Codemasters would be sold to Take-Two. A new report released this morning by Video Games Chronicle states that Codemasters executives have reached an agreement to sell the company to Take-Two, and the deal will be completed early next year. As a result of the report, it was understood that the negotiations were really going on and that they were concluded quickly.

Take-Two and Codemasters agreed to sell! Here is the price

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, said about the sale with Codemasters: “We are delighted to announce the acquisition together with the Codemasters board. Codemasters has a renowned history of creating some of the industry’s most loved and commercially successful racing series, and we believe our offer will complement our sports portfolio and boost the long-term growth of our company. We also want to invite Codemasters’ senior management and development teams to our Take-Two family and share our vision of delivering the highest quality entertainment experiences. We look forward to being the most innovative, creative and efficient company in our industry. ” made a statement in the form.

$ 956 million will be paid for the deal, and the purchase will take place in early 2021. Among Codemaster’s most popular game series are racing games such as Formula 1 and Dirt. Formula 1 fans are afraid of this purchase. There are fears that Take-Two could bring micropayments for the game.

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