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System requirements for Gears 5

System requirements for Gears 5

The system requirements of Gears 5 have been announced. Beta test will be opened in the game only Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Game Pass for the owners of the game with pre-orderers will be able to test.

The details of Gears 5’s multiplayer technology test, the fifth game in the Gears of War series, developed by The Coalition, have been released.

According to the statement made by the developer during the test during the game; a new PvP experience called Arcade, the Escalation, where we try to keep certain checkpoints, and King of the Hill, where we try to control points that appear at different locations on the map for some time, and try to gain two new multiplayer maps. We will.

According to shared information, the first of the beta process, July 19 and it ends on July 21st. The second beta test, this time on July 26 to begin and it ends at the same time on July 29th.

Only beta Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Game Pass owners and pre-orderers can participate in the beta test.

The PC version of The Coalition also published a chart showing the system requirements. Given the recommended system requirements of the game, it would not be wrong to say that we can play the game on a reasonable PC.

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