Survival-Themed Dune Awakening Announced

Arrakis planet to seize and protect the sources of spices intense struggles to take over the survival MMO type Dune Awakening game was announced for the PC.

After the film Dune, which broke storms in theaters, the games were not delayed. Dune: Funcom, which opened the Spice Wars strategy game early on Steam, has now announced its survival Dune Awakening game with Shiro Games.

Dune Awakening, a survival MMO -based game, is shaped by a scenario similar to the film. You need to protect your equipment against looters and enemy fractions in the struggle to control Arrakis’s spices. Because spice is a must for your development.

While standing against enemies in the gigantic open world, you need to be cautious against natural events and giant worms such as sand storms. Since the storms constantly change the surface shape, you must be quick to explore Arrakis.

Dune Awakening, which announces an impressive cinematic trailer and interactive website, has no release date, but pre-records are taken on the site. The game will only be available on PC.

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