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Steam’s Library is Changing

Steam’s Library is Changing

Steam is undergoing a minor revision in September, with a new Steam Library layout that gives users more ways to edit their games, a new Steam Activities tool that helps developers communicate with their audiences, and a few new trials from the team at Steam Labs. Valve held a special briefing at PAX West, where he discussed future plans for both Steamworks and Steam Labs, as well as the update. Updates for all three programs will begin during this month.

The open beta version of the new Steam Library will be released on September 17 and Steam Events, a new central tool for announcements, will be released on September 4th. Experiments in Steam Labs will begin on September 5th. All players can enter the beta.

What about the new Steam Library?

The new Steam Library will help players keep up-to-date on game updates and events in their libraries, and provide users with tools to keep their games organized. The biggest part of the update is that it will have a new landing page with quick access to game updates and events, your most recently played games, your friends’ games and your own collections collected by a new visual layout.

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