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Steam surpasses 25 million concurrent users


Steam, which has become one of the cornerstones of PC gaming, has broken a new record. The main reason for the number it has reached this time is mostly the holiday period.

Steam surpasses 25 million concurrent users

Steam, Valve’s digital gaming platform and one of the cornerstones of PC gaming for a long time, has set a new record recently. Due to the curfew imposed due to the epidemic, Steam breaks a new record every week.

At 14.40 today there were 25,418,674 online players simultaneously on Steam. Steam, which broke its own record by exceeding 24.5 million just 3 weeks ago, passed 25 million for the first time yesterday morning. However, after about 12 hours, today at 14.40, it once again beat its record and reached 25,418,674 online players.

One of the biggest reasons for reaching this number is, of course, the holiday due to the new year and the fact that we spend this holiday in our homes due to the epidemic. However, Steam still has not been able to surpass the 8.1 million simultaneous users it caught in March.

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