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Steam makes it easy to find songs playing in games

Steam makes it easy to find songs playing in games

It is possible to use the term problematic ‘in the lightest terms of Steam’s approach to game music. The platform, which considers game music as “downloadable content”, requires the purchase of the game in order to access the music. This makes it difficult for players to manage their music collections. However, Valve will implement a change that will eliminate Steam users’ complaints.

Steam’s solution for this problem is called “play music application genre.. With this feature, players can now buy or download only their music without purchasing the main game. In addition, it will be possible to manage purchased or downloaded music on Steam.

Players; Instead of searching sub-directories of game content, Steam will be able to configure a music directory that contains all game soundtracks. Even developers who do not publish their game on Steam will be able to sell their music on Steam. So you will be able to find the music of a game sold in the Epic Games Store on Steam.

Steam improves sound quality

In parallel with these innovations, the sound quality of the music content offered in Steam will increase. Valve, which renews the interface for accessing game music, will bring together high-quality audio files such as WAW and FLAC as well as MP3 format.

Music-oriented changes in Steam will be launched by January 20th. There will be no change in the existing libraries of the players. Developers will be offered to them by Valve game music can be sold separately.

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