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Star Wars Themed DLC for Minecraft Arrives

Star Wars Themed DLC for Minecraft Arrives

A new DLC that brings together the Minecraft and Star Wars universes has been announced.

The block-based zandbox game Minecraft is now integrated into a galaxy far, far away. With the Minecraft Star Wars DLC by Mojang Studios, skins from the sci-fi legend, music, vehicles, locations and much more are added to the game.

Let’s underline that the content added to the game is from the original trilogy, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and the legendary series The Mandalorian. So the other two triads shot later are not included in the package. Of course, maybe they can be added separately later. Downloadable content includes the Star Wars themed UI and sound elements, skins for players, mobs and items, as well as a prebuilt map filled with iconic locations that present various scenes from the series.

It is possible to purchase this very rich DLC pack on Minecraft Marketplace.

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