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Spider-Man: Miles Morales size revealed

Spider-Man: Miles Morales size revealed

On the evening of September 16, the console price and release date were announced on the PlayStation. The price of the regular version is 499 euros, and the digital version is 399 euros. Together with the event, detailed videos of the game were published. One of them is Spider-Man, Miles Morales. Now the size of Miles Morales is determined.

With the enhanced NVME SSD, PlayStation 5 will also significantly reduce the in-game transition time of large designs.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales disk size revealed

With the advent of PlayStation 5, one of the main questions that were put to mind was the space for a new generation of disk games. Given the size of games such as CoD Warzone and RDR2, in particular, on the computer side, there may be no room for 4-5 large-scale games at the same time. In addition, the vault on the PS5 can be extended by users.

Miles Morales is 50 GB in size. The ultimate version of the game will have 105 GB. “Ultimate” was released in 2018. The graphics of the original game that will come to PS5 will be updated, symbol details will be increased and support for beam monitoring.

Another game for PlayStation 5 will be a remake of Demon’s Souls, released in 2009. The game size is 66 GB.

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