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Sony to Introduce a New Game at “State of Play”


Sony will be launching a new game in the new State of Play, and will announce some new games.

Sony has announced another un State of Play ”plan. One of these plans is a new game that will be on PlayStation 4. According to the announcement by the company, the publication will take place on May 9 and there will be some forward-looking news. However, Sony has also announced that there will be no information on the next-generation console, which has recently been busy.

According to a statement from Sony today, the event will take only 10 minutes and will include Sony’s upcoming game plans. . We’ll have updates and announcements on future PS4 games, Sony Sony said in a statement.

Sony has not announced the name of the new game to be introduced in State of Play. That’s why the players already know the name or the company is working on a game that he knows the views are known. In addition, the new game will be introduced here, such as Days Gone PS4 special game is thought to be.

The company first released a trailer from Iron Man VR, a story trailer from Days Gone in the first State of Play. Several Mortal Kombat 11 characters also appeared in this publication.


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