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Sony: Good price of 80 Euros for PS5 games


Sony PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan said the price of PlayStation 5 games at 80 Euros / $ 70 is a very reasonable price.

Sony: Good price of 80 Euros for PS5 games

Sony’s new generation game console PlayStation 5, as you know, comes with increased game prices. After companies such as Activision and Take-Two, Sony started to sell its first-party games for 70 dollars in the USA and 80 Euros in Europe for the new generation. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan says this price is quite normal.

“The $ 70 price tag we set for the big PS5 games is a reflection of our growing development resources for these giant builds. I think $ 70 is a fairly reasonable price,” Ryan told The Telegraph. He spoke in the form. Ryan also stated that in terms of price / performance, PS5 games are far better than any other form of entertainment.

The Telegraph also told Jim Ryan, “Will the new God of War game come to PS4?” also directed the question. Ryan chose to leave this question unanswered. God of War: Ragnarok game will debut in 2021, but it is not yet clear whether it will come to PS4.

New normal in the new generation: $ 70

There has been a lot of debate over the past year about the need to increase game prices in the new generation. Many game makers argued that game development costs have increased and game prices should now increase accordingly. The developers said that since 2005, prices have been $ 60, but construction costs have increased by 300%.

Almost every major producer has supported the price increase so far, including Sony, Take-Two, Activision and EA. There is no information on the Xbox side yet, but they are also expected to gradually switch to $ 70.

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