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She Will Be A Playable Female Character In GTA 6, According To A Reliable Source


Tom Handerson, one of Call of Duty’s most robust leak sources, talked about GTA 6 this time. Making an open-ended statement, Handerson said that there will be a female character in GTA 6. However, it is currently unknown what place this character will be in the game.

There has been a new development regarding GTA 6, which Rockstar Games is believed to be working on, at least we want to believe. In particular, Tom Henderson, who managed to make a sound with Call of Duty leaks, made a statement about GTA 6 that will attract attention but we cannot clarify. The statements made by Henderson are about the characters of the game.

According to the statements of Henderson on Twitter, in GTA 6, we will have a playable female character. The team, which has only used male characters in the story mode of the series, will add a female character next to the male character this time. However, it is currently unknown whether this character will be one of the main elements of the story, as in the different characters in GTA 5, or will be used only for selection, as in Cyberpunk 2077.

It was said before that there will be a female character in GTA 6

GTA 6 is an issue that video game enthusiasts have been talking about since the second half of 2019. As a matter of fact, dozens, maybe hundreds of claims have been made so far. However, the female character claim is not something that comes up for the first time. This issue, which has been on the agenda several times before, has once again been brought to the agenda with the statements made by Tom Henderson.

Rockstar Games has not said anything about GTA 6 to date. Naturally, all details such as when the game will be announced and what the subject will be are based on claims for now. However, a former Rockstar Games employee, who recently made a statement on the subject, said that the game was actually developed but will not be released in the near future. The company can drag the players waiting for GTA 6 into a brand new adventure with the slightest explanation …

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