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Sad news from Watch Dogs Legion for PS5 and Xbox!

Sad news from Watch Dogs Legion for PS5 and Xbox!

The long-awaited Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are planning to promise a high-end experience in 4K resolution. Introduced with a 4K 120FPS claim, consoles offer significant performance improvements over their counterparts. In addition, thanks to the SSD they contain, the loading speed of the cutscenes in the games is significantly reduced. However, Watch Dogs Legion will come with less FPS support than expected at 4K resolution.

We have shared the published Watch Dogs Legion trailer with you before.

Watch Dogs Legion will come with 4K 30 FPS support on new consoles

Lathieeshe Thillainathan, one of the live broadcast managers of Ubisoft, answered some questions asked during the Q&A event on Reddit. It is stated that ray tracing technology will be supported for both consoles. Thillainathan also stated that while ray tracing is enabled, there is support for 30FPS at 4K resolution for both consoles.

We do not yet know whether the limited 4K 30 FPS support that comes with Watch Dogs Legion will be valid for other games. It is unknown whether the problem is due to insufficient power of the consoles or the game has a bad optimization. However, if we look at Ubisoft’s games like Assassins Creed Origins and Watch Dogs 2, we will see that they are not very hardware friendly.

In addition, the game is estimated to run at 1080p and 1440p resolutions with 30 FPS. It is unclear whether Watch Dogs Legion will offer a performance mode that increases the frame rate to 60 FPS on new consoles. Many console gamers will not be satisfied if the game comes with such a limitation. Especially after dwelling on the performance of the new consoles.

Watch Dogs Legion will not have any limitations on PC. Users who want to play with ray tracing at 4K resolution need to purchase the RTX 3080.

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