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Rumor: The Witcher 3 Releasing On Switch


A recent leak on ResetEra has revealed that Switch owners may be getting their hands on The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition this year. The post elaborates on the possible leak claiming that a reliable source from the distributor has leaked several images pertaining to the surprise reveal.

It should also be noted that the popular shopping website has already listed the Switch version of the game, along with several other sellers apart of The leak also states that the release should arrive this coming September.

As of this writing, we’ve yet to hear any official confirmation regarding the leak, but the sources do seem rather reliable. It should also be brought up that this may be a region-specific streamable version of the game, similar to Resident Evil 7 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on the hybrid console in Japan. Stay tuned for more on the potential leak of The Witcher 3 launching on the Switch.


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