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‘Rockstar Games’ Will the New Game ‘GTA 6’?

‘Rockstar Games’ Will the New Game ‘GTA 6’?

It is still unknown what Rockstar’s next game project will be. However, many rumors are circulating. According to one of the allegations now being made, the Bully 2 announcement may be on the way, and another claim may be Red Dead Redemption 3. According to recent leaks Grand Theft Auto 6 is coming!

Reddit user xambie12 was the name that made this fresh gossip. According to the latest claim, GTA VI will pass in more than one city and period.

The story of the first character of the game is likely to pass in 1970. Our main character will be a half-white and half-latin drug dealer, this time living in Liberty City (New York).

The other main character of the game is going to enter the prison and this story begins in the 80s with the release of our character from prison.

Of course, these are just rumors, you can read the entire claim here.

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