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Rockstar Games now has its own PC shop (gifted by GTA San Andreas)

Rockstar Games now has its own PC shop (gifted by GTA San Andreas)

Ubisoft, EA, Steam and Epic Games’ PC client (+ shop) train, the Grand Theft Auto series producer Rockstar Games also participated.

Rockstar Games has released its new digital client for PC. The new client, called star Rockstar Games Launcher,, will allow players to easily purchase and play Rockstar Games. The Rockstar client was first discovered on Twitter by several GTA and Red Dead Redemption fans. The client structure is very similar to Blizzard’s system.

GTA San Andreas is free for a short time

There are currently 7 games on the client, but Manhunt, Midnight Club or other old Rockstar Games are not yet available. Users who download the client from here will receive a free copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. (This campaign has a certain duration, so you’d better hurry.)

When you download and install the client, the Rockstar games you already have appear directly in your library. However, if you own the games via Steam, you have to click the On Play On Steam düğ button. The client also has an automatic update and cloud recording system.

It is not yet known what this movement means about the future of Rockstar Games on the PC, but the most anticipated thing is that Red Dead Redemption 2 is about to be released to the PC. Soon PC players may be waiting for good news.

The Rockstar client doesn’t have much at the moment, but if you don’t have GTA San Andreas, it’s worth looking at. However, according to some GTA data miners, San Andreas on the Rockstar client is the same Steam version built on the base of the game on the mobile port, so there is a lack of graphics and music.

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