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Rockstar Games Launcher Discovered a Problem That Makes Players Crazy


Rockstar Games has launched its own launcher, like Ubisoft or Epic Games. Wanting to attract players’ attention, the company also offered GTA: San Andreas free of charge to users who downloaded this launcher. However, the problem erupted from an unexpected point.

Computer players who installed the launcher of Rockstar Games said they have turned Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) into ‘always-online bile even in single player modes. Rockstar Games’ support page in a statement announced that this is not intentionally.

The company said, “Some players are aware of the error that affects the ability to play in Offline Mode and are currently working on it” statements were given. Rockstar, who released Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in 2004 to anyone who downloaded his new launcher in a Tuesday announcement, was unfortunate for the timing of this mistake. Computer gamers were convinced that the publisher was malicious for games purchased elsewhere.

Players do not trust

Rockstar Games Launcher Discovered a Problem That Makes Players Crazy

Reddit user with the nickname Average_Tnetennba, “Has two levels of online control. The initiator does not work when I turn off my firewall. In addition, there is an ‘activation verification when the game is already booting, and my firewall fails when blocking GTA5.exe. The game is always ‘always online in single player mode. If your internet breaks or Rockstar servers crash single-player mode will not be able to play” he said.

The Epic Games Store, which has its own launcher, is also an unreliable company among computer gamers. The company’s initiator has allegedly installed spy software on computers. Epic denies these charges.

Rockstar Games Launcher is currently selling six games. Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition, which sells old games for $ 9.99, sells for $ 34.98. Normally the games already installed on the computer had to switch to this launcher with in-game recordings.

Rockstar Games, Polygon said in a statement that they are currently working on the error can not give any time interval to be corrected, he said.

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