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Rockstar Games Employees Face Sexual Harassment, 60+ Hour Weeks


We talked about how the gaming industry is plagued with sexual harassment, sexism and hostile work environment. There have been a few cases in major companies such as Epic Games, Microsoft and Riot Games. Now we are hearing that Rockstar Games is not only plagued with sexual harassment but hostile work environment as well.

I have nothing against Rockstar Games. It is a developer that I have great respect for. Every gamer loves Rockstar Games for the GTA franchise, RDR franchise and Bully. The studio has worked on other projects as well but you get the idea. I am very disappointed that this kind of culture is tolerated at Rockstar.

Numerous employees have voiced their concerns regarding sexual harassment and working long hours at Rockstar Games. These are not things that should be taken lightly. While we love the games that the studio makes, we rarely look into how the people working on these games are being treated and what goes on behind the scenes.

I believe that if you love the game and the developing studio then we all should come together in order to make things right for each and every person that is working on all these games that we love. It is not worth getting the game a few months ahead of time if the people that are working on the game are going through hell.

One of the employees mentioned the following about sexual harassment at Rockstar Games:

Sexual harassment and bullying is something which needs addressing properly. Perpetrators still get promotions/keep their position of authority and victims are ignored, one developer shared anonymously.

Another employee mentioned that management use overtime and loyalty in order to create competition between two teams. While I get that competition can be a major motivator for some people, there are some lines that should not be crossed. You can learn about other complaints against the company as well.

Let us know what you think about sexual harassment and crunch culture at Rockstar games and what the people working at the studio should do in order to combat this issue that is plaguing not only Rockstar but the entire gaming industry.


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