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Rockstar Games answered the GTA 6 question

Rockstar Games answered the GTA 6 question

The Rockstar Games Twitter support site answered the player’s question about GTA 6. In fact, this is normal, and Rockstar soon became confused again when asked about GTA 6.

Rockstar Games answered the GTA 6 question

The year 2020 is a busy year for the gaming world where Sony and Microsoft’s new game consoles and next-generation games continue to work. As such, Rockstar Games, the producer of the GTA 5 game, which is the best-selling game in all fields, has also started to be talked about.

To date, no specific improvements on GTA 6, which are thought to have been too close to its output, have occurred. The first step we can call was that the player asked questions through Twitter in the Rockstar Games support account on GTA 6, and the company answered this question.

The curious actor tagged his support account, posting a “I have a problem” tweet. When the support team, who was not indifferent to this situation, answered the player “what kind of problem are you facing“, he encountered a question about GTA 6. Rockstar officials replied, “There is no new development on this issue” to the question about whether GTA 6 will come out or not.

As it will be remembered, Rockstar Games’ roof company Take-Two bought a domain named “” a while ago, and it was claimed that this move will take place on the GTA Vice City map of GTA 6.

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