Riot Games to Record Voice Chat to Punish Toxic Players in Valorant

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Riot Games announced in a new announcement that they will start recording players’ voice chats in Valorant. The receipt and retention of records were provided by the new regulation, which all players have to accept.

One of the biggest problems of multiplayer games is toxic players. The game you enter to spend good hours can make you nervous about what a person expresses in writing or verbally. At the very beginning of the games, we see this situation is, of course, competitive games where everyone sweats and stresses to win.

Riot Games, which serves millions of players with its competitive games, has finally taken action to prevent this situation. In its announcement, the company mentioned some significant changes to its Privacy Statement and Terms of Use. These changes were made to record players’ voice chats and thus avoid toxic players.

Riot Games to Record Voice Chat to Punish Toxic Players in Valorant

Riot said they knew that disruptive behavior in voice chat was a problem for many players and that they decided to approach the issue more effectively. The most important step in this effective approach was to decide to record and learn what the players were saying by recording the conversation, ‘harassing others, using hate speech, or using voice chat to disrupt your experience in some way’.

Riot will now only start recording voice chat in VALORANT. When a player reports another player to Riot for offensive behavior, the Riot team will listen to the recordings. Then, if anything that breaks the rules is detected, the necessary actions will be taken and the audio recording will be deleted when it is no longer needed.

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Accepting Riot Games’ new Privacy Notice will be mandatory for all players. This document will legally pave the way for Riot to listen to audio recordings in League of Legends, Wild Rift, and Teamfight Tactics besides VALORANT. For now, however, the company has no such plans for these games. Here’s how the company answered some of the key questions that players were obsessed with:

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How will data privacy be?

Riot said in his answer to this question that when they collect data, they will be transparent, they will only store it as long as it is necessary, and they will protect the data as if it were their own. The company still showed the option to disable voice chat for those who do not want to give your data. This means that as long as you use voice chat, your voice will be recorded.

Will I be actively resting?

No, your live communications will not be actively listened to. Records will only be listened to and reviewed when disturbing behavior is reported.

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