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‘Riot Games’ Fighting Game

‘Riot Games’ Fighting Game

League of Legends creator Riot Games is a fighting game.

League of Legends developer Riot Games is working on an unannounced fighting game, according to Tom Cannon, co-founder of the Evo fighting game tournament, which also runs Riot. Cannon confirmed the progress during the interview as evo reporter Rod “Slasher” was identified by Breslau.

Da In 2016, when we joined forces with Riot, I told him we’d be in the hole for a while, Cann Cannon said, “and I want to let people sneak into the worst of all, perhaps. I can confirm that we are working on a fighting game for Riot. ”

In 2016, Riot Games acquired Cannon’s former studio, Radiant Entertainment, which he founded with his brother Tony Cannon. Radiant was working on a PC fighting game called Rising Thunder, which included giant robots fighting in one-on-one battles. He followed a simplified approach to the complex entry of moves seen in other fighting games.

While Riot’s work in a fighting game is heavily narrated, the developer has not officially announced a new project or provided any information about the work of the former Radiant Entertainment team in the studio. In the coming days, we will send you more detailed information.

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