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Reveals That EA Is Preparing to Buy Bethesda Before Microsoft


One of the headline news last week was Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda for $ 7.5 billion. Turns out there was another giant who wanted to get the firm on time: EA.

The game industry is an area where competition has increased considerably in recent years. Game console manufacturers also aim to have a wide network of game makers to support their products. Especially Sony had many exclusive games with its companies.

Microsoft also announced last week that it purchased ZeniMax Media. Although the name ZeniMax does not make sense to many people, it is a brand under the roof of the company. This brand is nothing but Bethesda.

EA aspired for Bethesda

According to Bloomberg’s report, EA held talks to buy Bethesda’s rooftop company. It was not disclosed when or how this event occurred. On the other hand, considering that EA is not one of the most popular companies, it is difficult to predict the possible consequences of such a purchase.

In the news prepared on the subject, it was stated that Hollywood brands such as Fallout and Elder Scrolls are also alive and still continue to make money. As the games are played, it makes money in the form of in-game purchases and subscriptions.

Had the deal been successful, EA would perhaps become a much bigger company than it is today. Because then, there would be two other important studios such as Bethesda and id Software under the roof of EA. These studios are known to have very good developers.

EA has been discussed recently

EA has frequently faced players in the past few games. The company is generally known for not being very good at copyrights in its possession. Star Wars: Battlefront 2, one of the productions that millions of people were waiting for, was full of in-game purchases. Anthem was also accused of being released before it was ready.

As a result, EA failed in its acquisition attempt, and the keys to ZeniMax are now in Microsoft’s hands. Gamers are now wondering whether the company’s games will be exclusive to Microsoft consoles in the future.

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