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Resident Evil 3 HD Mod adds Upscaled cutscenes & New Models

Resident Evil 3 HD Mod adds Upscaled cutscenes & New Models

Earlier this year Capcom delivered on some solid fan service with the release of the Resident Evil 2 remake. While that particular game has quietened down, however, the noise has now only been replaced by people wanting to know when they’ll release a remaster (or remake) of Nemesis.

While Capcom has reportedly begun development on it, they are remaining tight-lipped on any confirmation. If you do, however, want to see what the experience could be like, then a fan-made project has provided the Resident Evil 3 HD mod. A version of the game which adds HD textures, upscaled cutscenes, reworked backgrounds and even new character models!

Resident Evil 3 HD Mod

The mod, which has been released for free, can be downloaded to play right now. As you might expect, however, you’re not getting the full game and have to apply a little legwork. This mod is designed to work on the Gamecube version of the release and, as such, the emulator and ISO is required.

Fortunately, the download does come with a custom version of ‘Dolphin’ set up to run the game. The only problem you have to solve then is getting a copy of the games data files. For obvious copyright issues, they leave that up to you.

In addition, as the mod is preset to NTSC, PAL owners of the game may need to rename the file “dolphin_path\User\Load\Textures\GLEE08” to “GLEP08”.

What Do We Think?

The mod itself looks very impressive and, presuming you can get hold of the ISO, is clearly well worth trying out! It may, after all, be quite a while before we get any news on an official Resident Evil 3 remake.

It is, however, yet another great example of what can be achieved with AI graphical upscaling on older video games.

You can learn more about the mod and download it via the link here!

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