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Red Dead Online will be sold separately: Here are the details!

Red Dead Online will be sold separately: Here are the details!

Red Dead will be sold separately online. Rockstar Games made a lot of profit with GTA Online, and each new expansion pack for GTA Online earned the company a lot of money. When RDR 2 came out, it was stated that it would be the online part.

Red Dead Online will be sold as a separate game

Although Red Dead Online was a good multiplayer mode, it lagged far behind GTA Online in terms of content and had insufficient content, so players did not spend much time on Red Dead Online. Although it has received a few updates recently, it still has insufficient content. Rockstar Games announced on its Twitter account that the game would be sold separately.

This means that even if you don’t have RDR 2, you can buy Red Dead online and just enter the Online part of the game. If you already bought RDR 2, you don’t have to worry about Red Dead Online, it will still be included in RDR 2. You can buy Red Dead online on December 1 for $ 5. The game’s current $ 5 price is 75 percent off. After February 15, 2021, Red Dead Online will sell for $ 20.

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