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Red Dead Online bounty hunting coming

Red Dead Online bounty hunting coming

Most of the players who have finished Red Dead Redemption 2, which is considered the best game of last year and perhaps the next generation of the console, continue to spend time at Red Dead Online. Pledging to keep the game up-to-date, Rockstar Games offers players new features in each update of Red Dead Online. In the last update, the developers who brought poker into the game, caused a large number of players to return to the game. Now Red Dead Redemption 2’s beloved side, Bounty Hunting, comes to Red Dead Online. The developers who divide their bounty hunting roles into three roles have identified these roles as hunter, collector and trader. The developers say that each role will have its own specific tasks, and that different awards will be won. It was announced that we can get wagons, camping equipment, big bags and new knives as mission awards.

Red Dead Online bounty hunting coming

In addition, Rockstar Games developers, the game’s remote and close combat system will be made from the beginning said. Explaining that this change is only for Red Dead Online, developers underline that a major update will be released in the future.


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