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Realistic Map That Makes You Think GTA 6 Will Take Place in Rio de Janeiro


There has been a new development regarding the map of GTA 6. Going through a leaked map in early October, GTA 6 fans noticed that this map was very similar to real maps. If the claims are true, GTA 6 will most likely pass around Rio de Janeiro.

There has been a new development regarding GTA 6, the game covered by the claims, which turns Rockstar Games’ snake story. In the first place, it was claimed that a visual leaked in early October shows the map of GTA 6. However, we could not convey this claim to you as it could not be based on any source. However, new information about this map suggests that the map may indeed belong to GTA 6.

GTA 6 was recently launched as “Project Americas”. According to the allegations at the time, the game would take place in South America and focus on drug cartels. The map that emerged at the beginning of October began to suggest that these claims were true. Because there are serious similarities between the leaked map and real maps.

Here is that map claimed to belong to GTA 6

Allegedly, GTA 6 will take place around an island you see above. GTA 6 fans, who made examinations on this map, detailed the map with the topics they opened on Reddit. Some of the images taken from Google Earth that we will share with you now reveal that the above map is very similar to Rio de Janeiro, one of the Brazilian cities.

You may think that the map claimed to belong to Rio de Janerio and GTA 6 is not exactly the same. You are right, but Rockstar Games has done this in previous GTA games. The company, after observing a location, created maps by making some customizations instead of copying that region exactly. Consequently, the company may prefer a similar method in GTA 6.

The map, which appeared for the first time on the platform called 4chan, is unfortunately very poor quality. This prevents having detailed information about the map. For example, it is not known whether the iconic places in the A and B points of the map are present in the map. However, despite everything, the fact that this map is consistent with previous claims about GTA 6 seems to have managed to confuse gamers.

By the way, it was also stated that GTA 6 will pass in the 1980s as part of the Project Americas project. Add to that the drug cartels and you might think that Colombia or Mexico rather than Brazil is a more viable option for GTA 6. But interestingly, this idea was not embraced from the very beginning. Because mostly Brazil and Rio de Janeiro were spoken. Let’s see what kind of innovations this map will open up in the coming period.

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