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Rainbow Six Siege As You Know: 50 Million Player Dam Exceeded


Rainbow Six Siege continues to be one of the biggest success stories in video games. According to the latest information, the popular FPS game has achieved a new success, exceeding the threshold of 50 million players.

Rainbow Six Siege As You Know: 50 Million Player Dam Exceeded

Rainbow Six Siege is considered one of the most successful first-person FPS games on the market. Since the company launched the game in December 2015, the game has received constant updates and won many awards. In a sense, Ubisoft, who paid for their efforts in the game, announced that Rainbow Six Siege has reached more than 50 million users.

Ubisoft thanked the players for helping them achieve their goals and made it clear that they would continue to stay in the industry.

When the game was first launched, it received “average, reviews and reviews in the gaming industry, but Ubisoft continued to grow, improve and keep its game up to date. If we look at the first release of the game and its current state, we can say that there is really a difference between the mountains.

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