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Purple Xbox One S Images Turned Out for Fortnite Fans


A special number of purple color Xbox One S for Fortnite fans is coming. Microsoft is expected to release the Fortnite version in the coming weeks.

According to WinTure, the Xbox One S Fortnite package will come with “Dark Vertex i and 2000 V-Bucks in-game money support. It was also said that the package included a monthly subscription to Xbox Live Gold, EA Access and Xbox Game Pass.

It is unclear when Microsoft will disclose this purple package, but it is expected to be $ 299 and will come with 1 TB of storage space. This is not Microsoft’s first customization for Xbox One S. The company previously created a special edition for Minecraft and put Minecraft blocks on the device.

Microsoft plans to hold its annual E3 press conference on Sunday (June 9th). The company said it was willing to play big this year. Microsoft said it would announce a new Gears 5 game in which it will develop plans for the xCloud gaming streaming service in line with this discourse. It is also said that Microsoft will provide information on the next generation olu Anaconda “Xbox game console. Fortnite special package is expected to be one of the E3 announcements.


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