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‘PUBG Mobile’ new features arrived!


One of the popular Battle Royale games, PUBG Mobile has been updated with new modes and surprises.

‘PUBG Mobile’ new features arrived!

Developer Tencent Games has released 014.0 full version content update for PUBG Mobile. The update also includes the infectious version of PUBG Mobile’s zombie mode and new Royale Pass themes. Players will be able to access the new update free of charge via the App Store and Google Play.

A new mode of PUBG Mobile has arrived!

Recently released in collaboration with PUBG MOBILE and Resident Evil 2, the zombie mode added the living dead to the classic battleground experience. With the popular content update, players demonstrated their talent by fighting dead flocks that lived until sunrise.

With the new asymmetric PvP Infectious Living Dying mode, players will be divided into two groups as Zombies and Defenders and will be able to test their skills against each other. While the defenders fight against the zombies with firearms, the Zombies will attack with close combat weapons and use their special skills to infect the Defenders. When all defenders are infected, the Zombies will have won!

With the Infectious Living Dead mode, version 0.14.0 will include the following improvements:

  • Marine Treasures Theme – UB Treasure of the Seven Seas en, which continues the fun marine themes of the summer season, has been added to the PUBG MOBILE main menu and in-game equipment.
  • Royale Pass Season 8 – Players will have the chance to unlock popular season equipment added to stocks.
  • Daily Mission System Update – In-game quests will increase players’ chance of finding rare loot
  • iOS Background Downloads – iOS users can now keep PUBG MOBILE open in the background and update.
  • Android Resource Expansion Pack – Android installation package has been reduced in size. Less used in-game equipment can be stored in the Resource Expansion Pack until it is reused.
  • Treasure Hunt – In the million-dollar surprise in-game treasure hunt that comes with the update, players will compete for prizes by collecting gold, silver and bronze compasses.


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