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PUBG Comes Cross-Platform Support for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

PUBG Comes Cross-Platform Support for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

PUBG will receive cross-platform support between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles early next October. This development, which is very important for console players, will give PUBG players the chance to meet opponents from different platforms.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) will receive cross-platform support in October. This means that the PUBG players on Xbox One and PS4 will be able to face each other. Cross-platform support will come from test servers in September, followed by real servers in October.

At today’s Gamescom event, Microsoft officially announced PUBG cross-platform support during the Xbox Inside broadcast and will be limited to PS4 only. So PC players; They won’t face Xbox and PS4 players.

The time to start struggles will be considerably shorter:

Cecilia Lee, PUBG Corporation’s community manager, said from the beginning that their first goal was to bring together the players of the two consoles to create a huge pool of players. He added that their second goal was to shorten the entry time as much as possible.

PUBG, with both PUBG Mobile, PUBG PC and PUBG PS4 / Xbox One versions, can at least dominate the competitive gaming market. Now, with cross-platform support between consoles, other Battle Royale games can be played down.

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