PS5 won’t let you play digital games offline

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PlayStation 5 does not allow you to play digital games offline. It’s necessary to elaborate a little bit. If you didn’t have a CMOS battery on PlayStation 4s, or if the battery ran out of battery life, you couldn’t play the digital games that were installed on the console. You do not need an internet connection for this to happen. The same goes for PlayStation 5s that don’t have an internet connection and have run out of CMOS batteries. The CMOS battery ensures the continuous operation of the BIOS on a computer system. The BIOS is also a ROM Memory and introduces all the hardware to the processor.

The PlayStation 5 Digital version is more affected

When your console runs out of CMOS battery, you can play boxed games even if you’re not connected to the internet. When the PlayStation 5 Digital version runs out of CMOS battery and there is no internet connection, you cannot open the games installed on the console. Moreover, the PlayStation 5 Digital version does not have a Blu-Ray Disc input, so you can’t run boxed games on your console. Does it play? The Twitter account also discovered this problem, called C-Bomb, on the PlayStation 5.

When they removed the CMOS battery on the PlayStation 5 and started the console, they said, the console started itself in safe mode and rebuilt the database. The C-Bomb may not affect the disc version of the PlayStation 5 much, but it is a problem for users who have a digital version of the console. Does it play? during the testing phase, he followed these steps; We disconnected the PlayStation 5 from the internet and removed the CMOS battery, and started the console. The console started in safe mode and rebuilt the database.

After completing this, the console restarted itself. After the console was turned on, we discovered that the installed digital games were not working. We were able to run PS4 boxed games on the disc version of PlayStation 5, but we ran a problem with a game in the test. Resident Evil 2 worked smoothly. Mortal Kombat 11 crashed at 97 percent of the time. Spider-Man: Miles Morales worked smoothly.

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The C-Bomb issue will not cause many problems for users with a disc version of PlayStation 5. Because they’ll be able to keep playing with boxes. If a digital PlayStation 5 owner takes his console to a place where there is no internet and does not realize that the CMOS battery is running out, he will not be able to run the games installed on his console. CMOS batteries are activated after the device is turned off. The lifespan of these batteries is approximately 3 years.

If Sony fails to solve the problem, sales of the digital version of the PlayStation 5 will be severely affected.

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